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We use up-to-date drawing programs and static calculation programs adapted with current calculation specifications.

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We prepare static calculations and drawings for space frame roof projects.

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We design projects according to the determined loads and present our proposal by making a cost analysis.

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What is Space Frame System Steel Structure?

Space frame system steel construction is a prefabricated building system. Although it is usually used as a roof support structure, in some cases it can be used as a support structure system on facades. It is preferred as the structural carrier construction of glass, sandwich panel, trapezoidal sheet, membrane and polycarbonate-like cladding members. The main carrier members are pipe profiles. In the modulation, connection points are created with the help of cones, nuts and bolts to the spheres at the central points. In space frame systems, the pipes are not under the influence of moment force. Pipe profiles exposed to tensile and/or compression forces are designed taking into account the effective external loads.

Purlins, pipes, bolts, nuts and spheres produced in the factory allow the assembly of space frame steel structures by combining them at the construction site. It is much more convenient in terms of ease of installation and timing. But it may not be preferred for that reason alone. At the same time, more economical solutions are also produced.

Space frame roof and facade systems offer suitable solutions in terms of design, economy, manufacturing and installation in the formation of variable shaped building surfaces as well as smooth geometric structures.

Some of the Advantages of Space Frame System Roofs

– Easy and fast installation

– More suitable design and costs compared to conventional steel structures

– Lightweight and economical solutions, especially in structures with large span column distances

– Possibility of steel, aluminum or stainless preference

– Economy and convenience in infrastructure solutions by creating lightweight structures

– Geometric flexibility in architectural designs

-Ease of transfer from factory to construction site due to its modular structure

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