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Our services


Static Design

We prepare the static calculations of space frame system roofs according to the current specifications and submit them for your approval with the necessary application projects.


We ensure the safety of the structure by producing high-level quality products with the right equipment and applications in accordance with the standards.


We provide a time-saving and economic advantage by installing your space frame roof correctly with our experienced teams.


Roof and Facade Cladding

If you request, we create a price offer for panels and polycarbonate coatings, etc.



We offer suggestions for you by making technical examinations of your steel structure projects in the context of space system roof compatibility during the feasibility stage.

How We Do It?

Our Application Workflow


Determination of Needs and Analysis


Business Management and Process Planning


Implementation with Experienced Team and Equipment by the Plan


Providing Technical Support If Needed During the Process

Space Frame Roof Systems

Space frame systems, which are a prefabricated building system, allow you to obtain more suitable solutions in terms of costs and installation times in structures where the distances between columns have large span.


By using up-to-date standards and technologies, high-level quality productions are easily made in the factory environment.


We provide installation services by programming space frame system or conventional steel construction according to the needs with our experienced teams.

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